making a complaint


How long does it take?

The Ombudsman investigates complaints as quickly as possible and therefore requests timely responses from Authorities. Many cases can be resolved in a few weeks, but more complex cases can take much longer.

Ombudsman may investigate in the public interest even if no complaint
"Own Motion Investigation"
Complaint received from public

Complaints may be:

oral, electronic, written
by persons aggrieved (or family
if persons cannot act for
within 1 year of event

Do we have jurisdiction? Refer Complaint to more appropriate authority


Is complaint about a Government
Board, Department, or Public Authority?
Is matter exempt (Cabinet, court
proceeding, crime or employment issue)?

Did Complainant try existing complaint or appeal process? Refer Complaint to appropriate process


Ombudsman can investigate even if matter cannot be further appealed or is final

Preliminary Inquiries
Decline with reasons


Inquiries resolve complaint; or
Investigation or mediation; or
Ombudsman declines


Ombudsman may visit sites,
require documents, question under oath, summon any
Due process opportunity
to respond
Update complaint periodically

Findings and Closure
No Maladministration
Maladministration with Recommendations

Ombudsman makes:

specific recommendations re complaint and/or
general recommendations on how to improve practices and precedures

Authority has 20 business days to respond to recommendations


Notify Ombudsman of steps taken or proposed to implement or reasons for not doing so
Ombudsman accepts if adequate or appropriate
Special Report to Parliament if response is inadequate or inappropriate


For other complaints, Ombudsman may summarise (without names) in Annual Report

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